Flaming Lips


American style high-gain distortion, gorgeous and atmospheric, so it is suitable for playing modern solo style music.

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Flaming Lips is US style High-Gain distortion, it not only has the characteristics of High-Gain distortion, but also have been uniquely improved in many details, all of this make the Flaming Lips became an outstanding distortion effect pedal. The low frequency range is large, and the tone of the low frequency is compact, solid and strong sense of particles. We adjusted the low frequency point against the US style High-Gain amp, the mid frequency is full and the high frequency has rich overtone. The frequency response of mid-high frequency was modified acording to the US style. Users can use H.MID and PRESENCE knob to adjust mid-high frequency and sense of presence, it can meet the requirements of rhythm and solo tone. You also can use the PRESENCE knob to change touch sense, the tone sounds more top. Flaming Lips has excellent dynamic response, whether the half volume, or other slight changes of playing intensity, all the details can be complete shown. In addition, traditional High-Gain distortion tone is always too flat, to avoid that defect, we add POST MF BOOST circuit in Flaming Lips, users can control this circuit on/off by dialing the MUSCLE switch, when the MUSCLE switch is on, the tone of mid frequency will change, the POSTMF BOOST circuit will specify the frequency interval to vary accordingly. The tone after the POST MF BOOST circuit will showing a 3D feeling , gorgeous and atmospheric, so it is suitable for playing modern solo style music.


  • American style High-Gain Distortion Effect
  • Excellent Dynamic Response
  • Compact Low Frequency, Full Mid Frequency and High Frequency with Rich Overtone.
  • The EQ includes H.MID and PRESENCE
  • The POST MID-FREQ BOOST Circuit which was Controlled by Iindependent Switch

CKK Electronic-FLAMING LIPS- Demo by Brett Kingman

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